The Archeo Mill

An interactive installation for the Future Food House, curated by Marie Vogelzang for the Rotterdam Food Festival, 2013.

For the Future Food House, Arabeschi di Latte designed an interactive installation where participants travelled back thousands of years to use ancient grains. On a big wood table visitors  found massive stones and manual grinder in line. On an industrial shelf a series of wood boxes containing  ancient cereals, seeds and nuts ready to be grind to obtain  flour from chestnut, amaranth, carob, quinoa, lupin and more, participating in ‘primordial baking’ to taste a piece of the past, and future. Discovering these grains acted as a sort of archaeological harvesting, allowing participants to become closer to their food and its origins. These ingredients that have endured harvesting over thousands of years are seen as protagonists of the future, where smaller production and lesser known grains may one day overcome the proliferation of technology, gene selection, and dominant plant species.

A  booklet designed by Arabeschi di Latte  studio was printed for the occasion.