H2O Stories

For Nouveau Musee' National de Monaco

Arabeschi di Latte was asked to design an installation for the Nouveau Musee’ National de Monaco during the Art Monte-carlo and Nomad art fairs. The installation, H2O: Stories on Salt, Water and Sea, was designed by Arabeschi di Latte and curated by Cristiano Raimondi, head of development and international projects at NNMM.

The concept of the installation and event was based on water, an increasingly rare resource. Through a specially designed display and a series of printed captions, Arabeschi di Latte encouraged guests to look beyond the concept of freshwater and to focus on seawater and salt, as a reference to the history of Monaco, its relationship with the sea and its role in the salt route between the Mediterranean coasts and northern Europe.

Five different stories about salt, water and the sea were developed in the form of different stations with which guests were invited to interact, learn from and experience.

The project was realised in collaboration with Bibendum catering.

Images by Julien Hernandez