Keeping Life


Keeping Life was an installation designed by Arabeschi di Latte for design company CIAM at Alcova, Milan. CIAM design the world’s greatest fridges for restaurants, hotels and retail. The company commissioned Arabeschi di Latte to work with them on a ‘visual feast’ for the Milan Salone 2019. 

Arabeschi di Latte chose to explore the topic of phytoremediation: a natural process by which living plants eliminate contaminants in soil, air and water. The installation is inspired by this process and features phytoremediation plants in different sculptural forms, exposing their delicate, organic nature.

The result was a fictional and imaginary ‘pastry shop’ – a visual feast exhibiting elements of nature intertwined with modern technology – delicate plant sculptures inside refrigerated cabinets. The use of CIAM’s refrigerators prolonged the plant life cycles – and the plants in return safeguard our soil, water, air and ultimately, human existence.

The project was realised in collaboration with Elisa Pesca.

The opening event was realised with Bibendum catering.

Images courtesy of CIAM