Natura Morta

For Studio Toogood

At Natura Morta a series of uniquely designed Midnight Dinners were imagined by Arabeschi di Latte and prepared by Annette Weber under the motto “At midnight the core comes alive.” Guests were greeted by intriguing silhouettes of artichoke flowers carbonised to black . A simple but intriguing combination of ingredients included eggs soaked in tea, taking on the appearance of giant marbles, black rocks formed from cheese rolled in coal, and a simple, rustic dessert made of black bread soaked in water and dark brown sugar.

For the occasion was released the experimental culinary publication Underkitchen featuring a variety of specially made visuals and recipes, including a series of images realized by Marius Wansen and styled by Francesca Sarti. Underkitchen publication was designed by Alessandro Gori_Laboratorium.

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Images: Marius Wansen, Tom Mannion