Water Tasting

For V&A, A/D/O, Triennale di Milano

Arabeschi di Latte with Jane Withers reconsiders the everyday ritual of drinking water and explores alternative methods and materials for purifying water.  Testing age old remedies alongside new ideas, the Water Tasting installation is intended to be an occasion to reflect about the drinking water crisis, inviting us to imagine life without the plastic water bottle, revealing the rich drinking water culture that we have lost today. 

The installation was exhibited at the V&A Late’s ‘Every Last Drop’, at A/D/O in New York, as part of the Water Futures programme curated by Jane Withers Studio and in Broken Nature exhibition at the Triennale di Milano, curated by Paola Antonelli. The installation was exhibited as well at CID au Grand Hornu Museum as part of the Age of Post-Drough Exhibition.

Photography by Metz Racine (1,2,3), Gianluca Di Ioia (4) Tim Van de Velde (5) Chiara Dolma (6) A/D/O (7) and Amandine Alessandra (8)