Water Tasting

For V&A, A/D/O, Triennale di Milano

As a continued exploration into historic and sustainable materials for everyday use in food and drink, water tastings have been devised for a variety of locations, events, exhibitions and contexts.

For the V&A Late’s ‘Every Last Drop’, in collaboration with Jane Withers Studio, Arabeschi di Latte presented a water tasting and installation in the ceramics gallery of the museum. Looking to ancient organic materials that have been used to purify water for thousands of years, five different purified waters were selected for tasting, as part of a wider museum tour. Visitors tasted different waters purified with charcoal, moringa seeds, corriander, cardamom, and salt.

At A/D/O in New York, as part of the Water Futures programme curated by Jane Withers Studio, a water tasting was staged at the press launch in Miami, as well as in Brooklyn for the opening symposium. This tasting expanded on research, also using clay to purify water, ladled from communal demi-johns.

As part of the Broken Nature exhibition at the Triennale di Milano, curated by Paola Antonelli, purified waters were presented, reflecting on the diminishing resource of drinking water we are faced with in relation to climate change. Water vessels by Arabeschi di Latte and Jane Withers Studio are part of the exhibition collection.

Photography by Metz Racine (1,2,3), Gianluca Di Ioia (4) Chiara Dolma (5) A/D/O (6) and Amandine Alessandra (7)