Inflight Meal, Wallpaper Handmade exhibition,
Milan, Apr 2012

For the Wallpaper Handmade exhibtion Arabeschi di latte designed the “Made by – inflight meal”.
Recognizing trust as the new value, the project focus on the people.
The ones who make things with enthusiasm choosing a simple approach, becoming themselves “the value” of what they do, despite the shape it takes.
From here the idea to create an homemade inflight meal with familiarity, prepared like at home.
A meal that resemble the people who prepare it, that is genuine, straightforward and authentic in its nature and perception.
Simple, honest ingredients create a real, comfortable and faithful experience unfolded through every single part of it, from the napkin to the plate, each states who made it.
An intimate, almost physical re-connection between us,the things we consume and the people who make them.